Daniel John GITTINGS

Danny Gittings is an Associate Professor and Principal Programme Director/Associate Head of the College of Humanities and Law at HKU SPACE specialising in Hong Kong Constitutional Law. He is also a PhD Candidate researching separation of powers under the Hong Kong Basic Law at HKU Faculty of Law, and has presented several conference papers and written a number of book chapters on this topic. He is author of Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law (Hong Kong University Press, 2nd edition 2016), a widely-used textbook on Hong Kong constitutional law. A former editor with the South China Morning Post and Wall Street Journal, he still appears on the radio every week, co-hosting RTHK’s main English-language talk show, where he interviews a wide range of prominent personalities from Hong Kong’s political and legal communities.

Field of Study: Separation of Powers

Thesis Title: Separation of Powers in Hong Kong: “Montesquieu’s Doctrine” under One Country, Two Systems

Programme of Study: Ph.D. (Part-time)

Supervisor(s): Simon Young and Richard Cullen


“Unpalatable Realities and Hard Choices” in Cora Chan & Fiona de Londras (eds), China’s National Security: Endangering Hong Kong’s Rule of Law? (Hart Publishing, March 2020) Chapter 16, pp. 297-306

“Separation of Powers in Hong Kong: Inching Towards a More Flexible Judicial Interpretation” Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol 49, Part 1 of 2019, pp 187-208

Review of Hong Kong Media Law: A Guide for Journalists and Media Professionals, Doreen Weisenhaus, with contributions by Jill Cotttrell and Yan Mei Ning

Hong Kong Judiciary

Hong Kong courts are learning to live with China

What will happen to Hong Kong after 2047

Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law

Introduction To The Hong Kong Basic Law (2nd ed.)

Book review: The Judicial Construction of Hong Kong’s Basic Law: Courts, Politics, and Society after 1997, by Lo Pui Yin. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2014. xlii+580 pp. HK$580.00/US$75.00 (cloth)

Applying the Efficiency Rationale to Separation of Powers in Hong Kong

Separation of Powers and Deliberative Democracy

The Basic Law in the Courts: Learning to Live with China and a Changing Hong Kong

One Country, Two Stances on Separation of Powers: Tensions Over Lack of Parallelism between the National and Subnational Levels


HKU SPACE Distinguished Alumni Fellowship (2009);

HKU SPACE Outstanding Teacher Award (2006);

HKU SPACE Outstanding Lifelong Learner Award (2001);

English Bar Finals 1st Prize (1997), for coming 1st among the 1,050 students who took the May 1997 exam