Jiajun LUO

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong. My current research focuses on judicial politics and management in China’s contexts, judicial reform in China, and criminal justice in PRC. I have a general interest in law and politics in authoritarian states and China as a subject.

I was a visiting scholar at the Law School of Cornell University and an LLM (research-intensive) student from Peter Allard School of Law of the University of British Columbia. I obtained my LLB degree (summa cum laude) from China.

Field of Study: Court, China, Comparative Constitutional and Public Law, Interdisciplinary and Empirical Legal Research

Thesis Title: China’s Authoritarian Court: Formulating Unequal Justice

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 

Supervisor(s): Hualing Fu


Luo, Jiajun, “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Judicial Accountability Reform in the Chinese Court” (under review by a peer-review journal)

Luo, Jiajun, “When Judicial Institution Meets Authoritarianism: What Does Chinese Court Really Care About?” (accepted by 13th Annual Conference of European China Law Studies Association in September 2018, Turin, Italy)

Luo, Jiajun, “A Win-win Game: Mutual Returns and Path Dependency between the Party and the Courts in China’s Socialist Rule of Law System” (presented in Complexity, Institutional and Legal Reform, and Rule of Law Conference held by Loyola University Law in December 2017, Rome, Italy)

Luo, Jiajun, Consultative Authoritarianism in China’s “Rule of Law” Context: A Case in Shenzhen (Publishing after HKU-USC-IPPA Conference on Public Policy)

Luo, Jiajun, “Institutional Purposes of Chinese Courts: Examining Judicial Guiding Cases in China Through a New Analytic Framework” (2017) University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2017/012, SSRN, online: <https://ssrn.com/abstract=2993424>

Luo, Jiajun, “China toward Constitutionalism? Institutional Development under the Socialist Rule of Law System” (LLM Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2015) [published] online: <http://open.liberary.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/24/items/1.0077791>

Luo, Jiajun, “Words in the Cage: Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization of Speech Containment in China’s New Era” (Forthcoming)

Luo, Jiajun, Meiguo Canyiyuan Labu jiqi Falv Guize de Yanjiu [Studies on Filibuster and its Rule in the US Senate] (Forthcoming in 2018) (In Chinese)

Zou Pingxue et al, Xianggang Jibenfa Jiangyi Peitao Fudao Yongshu [Reference Book of Lectures on Hong Kong Basic Law] (Forthcoming in 2018) (Beijing: Law Press) (In Chinese)