Ross Allen SMITH

PhD (P/T)
Primary Supervisor: Say Goo
Co-Supervisor: N/A
Field of Study: International Financial Law – Private Law
Thesis Title: Private Equity – The Challenge Of New Legal Framework

My previous Degrees included Bachelor of Economics, Master of Business Administration (Advanced) with thesis ‘Industry Analysis of the Australian Finance Sector following Deregulation: Theoretical Justification for Strategic Network Governance’, Master of Commerce in Applied Finance, and Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law.
My current research found that top-down, macro-prudential requirements by regulatory authorities in Domestic Governance was dysfunctional causing excessive cost, lower investment returns and irrelevant to investor protection. So, the plan attempts to develop a bottom-up micro-prudential framework (Administrative Efficiency by philosophical causality, legal theory for vertical hierarchical relational sequencing) that generates indicator signals for effective investor protection from the specific functional industry factors, operating at marginal cost with minimal disruption to business strategic formulation by Private Equity fund managers (GPs) in new wealth creation.
Ross is the Director of financial regulated businesses in Australia and Hong Kong, which is double (trouble) compliance from Public Law that contrasts with business practices in Common Law – private law.
Ross is Pfizer BioNTech vaccinated, survived prostate cancer and regularly does gym workouts before breakfast, plays tennis twice a week, enjoys live music and hosting BBQs on the patio at his village home near Sai Kung. He is a qualified electrician, former airports technician and does his DIY home renovation. His 3 children are in professional careers in IT, BioMed and teaching high school music (brass and choir) in England.