Shengyue ZHANG

I started my legal education at Huaqiao University in 2010. After graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree, I went to Fudan University for postgraduate studies in 2014 and then obtained a Master of Law degree in 2017.

Field of Study: legal history of Hong Kong; colonial legal history; comparative law.

Thesis Title: “The Rule of Law” in Colonial Hong Kong in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 

Supervisor(s): Michael Ng and Shahla Ali

Taisu Zhang, Social Hierarchies and the Formation of Customary Property Law in Pre-Industrial China and England. Fudan Law Review, Shanghai, May 1st, (2016). (Translated Works) Jason Buhi, Macau’s Constitution During the Ming-Qing Transition. Fudan Law Review, Shanghai, May 1st, (2016). (Translated Works)

Shengyue Zhang, Analysis of the Legal History Studies in 2014. Fudan Law Journal, Shanghai, Spring (2016). (Published Works) 

Ye Xiaoxin Scholarship, 2016

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, 2017