Shuyu CHU

PhD (F/T)
Primary Supervisor: Hualing Fu
Co-Supervisor: N/A
Field of Study: Corruption and Anti-corruption in China; Authoritarian Legality; Interdisciplinary Approach to Law; Human Rights
Thesis Title: CCP’s Disciplinary Infrastructure: How Party Control Cadres by Anti-Corruption Institutions

My name is Chu Shuyu, and I am a PhD candidate in Law. Before conducting my doctoral research at HKU, I graduated from LLM in Human Rights program in the same institution, and LLB at Xiamen University, PRC.

I am generally interested public law and public institutions in China, and particularly intrigued by the “elephant in the room”: The Party, and its influence on law and society. In my PhD thesis, I am attempting to use social and positivist political theories to explain the institutional dynamics of the recent anti-corruption initiatives in China.