Xiaodao LI

PhD (F/T)
Primary Supervisor: Yun Zhao 
Co-Supervisor: N/A
Field of Study: Space Law, Public International Law
Thesis Title: (Tentative) Legal Status and Exploitation System of Space Resources


Master’s Degree           Harbin Institute of Technology

Major: Law (Civil and Commercial Law),


Bachelor’s Degree        Jinan University

Major: Law


2018 “The Breakthroughs of Regulatory Sandbox in Financial Regulation”, Second Writer, Published in Journal of Harbin University of Commerce(Social Science Edition)

2017 “Amendments to the Clauses of Supplementary Liability”, published in Cognition and Practice

2017 “Empirical Analysis of Supplementary Liability Turning into Share Liability“, published in Management Observer

2016 “Analysis of the Non-finality of Supplementary Responsibility”, published in Legal System and Society

2016 “Analysis of the Subject Range of Financial Consumers – From the Perspective of the Applicability of Legal Terminology”, published in Cognition and Practice