Xingsi DI

Di Xingsi is a PhD student in law. Her research focuses on comparative Chinese law, particularly in financial law, law interference between AI and law. Before the PhD study in Hong Kong University, she holds an LLB from China University of Political Science and Law, where she graduated as an Outstanding Graduate Student of Beijing. Afterward, she got an LLM from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science. She also studied in Lund University in Sweden sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council and Leiden University in the Netherlands for one year. She once worked as a research assistant in Law Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Science and Tencent Research institution, and practiced law in Dentons Law Firm, Hyundai Capital Limited Company and Grandall Law firm.

Field of Study: Comparative Chinese law, Financial law.

Thesis Title: Comparative Study on Fiduciary Duties of the Robo-advisors under Various Business Models

Programme of Study: Ph.D. (2019)

Supervisor(s):Douglas Arner

Overseas Study Scholarship, CASS, 2018

China National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of RPC, 2018

Outstanding Graduate Student of Beijing, Ministry of Education of RPC, 2017

Academic Scholarship, CUPL, 2014/2015/2016