Xingsi DI

PhD (F/T)
Primary Supervisor: Douglas Arner
Co-Supervisor: N/A
Field of Study: Comparative Chinese Law, Financial Law
Thesis Title: Regulating Robo-advisors – The Role of Fiduciary Duties

Di Xingsi is a final year PhD candidate in law. Her research focuses on comparative Chinese law, particularly in financial law, law interference between AI and law. Before the PhD study in Hong Kong University, she holds an LLB from China University of Political Science and Law, and got an LLM from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science. She also studied in Lund University in Sweden sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council and Leiden University in the Netherlands for one year. She once worked as a research assistant in Law Institute, CASS, Tencent and Huya Research institutions.

Translation Works: Chapters 19-21, Oxford Handbook of Intermediary liabilities; Chapter 10, Oxford Handbook of Law and Technology Regulation

Di Xingsi, ‘Identification and Rules Application of Internet Service Contract in Civil Code’ (2022) 3 Business and Economic Law Review 84-98.(论《民法典》视野下网络服务合同的认定及规范适用,载《经贸法律评论》2022年第3期,第84-98页) Di Xingsi, ‘Systematic Construction of Fiduciary Regulations on Digital Financial Platforms’ (2022) 4 Financial Theory & Practice 60-68.(论数字金融平台的信义体系构建,载《金融理论与实践》第60-68页)

Overseas Study Scholarship, CASS, 2018

China National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of RPC, 2018

Outstanding Graduate Student of Beijing, Ministry of Education of RPC, 2017

Academic Scholarship, CUPL, 2014/2015/2016